About Me    
I have always instinctively understood the way dogs think and communicate. Even as a child, it was observed that when I was around dogs they were calmer. Dogs constantly fascinate me with their individually and the ability to surprise and, I spend all my days around these beautiful creatures that give us such joy, entertainment and companionship.

After 3 years studying Applied Animal Ethology, which is the scientific study of animal behaviour, with Professor Odendaal at Pretoria University, I graduated and specialized in Dog behaviour. I currently have been practicing since 2003.

My consultation takes place at the dog owner’s home so I may observe the dog/s in their normal environment. Each consultation takes approximately 2 hours and during this time I ask many questions about the history of the dog/s, the behaviour patterns of the dog/s, the daily habits of both owner/s and dog/s. A case study report is then drawn up for both the dog/s and all family members to follow. The corrective program very quickly breaks the cycle of the behaviour and teaches the owners to communicate in a language the dog/s understand, resulting in social, happy and trustworthy pets. References are available on request.

Pam Naudé
Dog Behaviourist & Member of the Animal Behaviour Consultants of SA©™